A few days ago, I was asked this question; “how has the country (the U.S.) changed in my lifetime?” It took me a while to answer this question and to find the words to express my feelings because the country and the world has changed dramatically in my lifetime. When I was a child there was still a sense of patriotism, loyalty and honor. You were proud to be an American and the Catholic faith meant something to us. Religion was still central to everyday life. You could leave your house unlocked at night or leave your bike outside a store and not worry about someone stealing it. You didn’t fear strangers and the mailman and milkman were your friends. On the weekends fathers gathered in their neighbor’s garage to listen to the ball game and drink beers. Life was innocent still.

Over the years since the 1950’s and 1960’s life has become more complex. Technology has greatly changed how the world operates and it hasn’t been for the good. There is more anxiety, worry, depression today as opposed to when I was young. The most dramatic change occurred after September 11, 2001. With the implementation of such things as the “Patriot Act” the United States suddenly was turning into a police state and our individual rights were slowly taken away from us. The final nail in the coffin was with the so called “pandemic” of 2020. This event has brought to fruition all that was implemented after 9/11 and we are witnessing the total dismantling of Western Civilization with all its history, moral values, liberty and pursuits of happiness being replaced by humanistic atheism, a skewed sense of history and the past, a cult of ecological narcissism, a medical tyranny,  atheistic paganism, atheistic socialism and a new fascism. We have insanity ruling our country now as well as the entire world. It is totally unbelievable the state the world is in today.

We are now facing a new barbarism that exalts the culture of death over one of life, that actively promotes the destruction of the family unit by promoting unnatural and deviant relationships and that encourages the mutilation of our children to change their God given sex. In a matter of 50 years the world I knew in my youth has disappeared from sight. It is utterly amazing how in a blink of an eye the world one knew is gone. I wonder if this is how the Romans felt when the Western Roman Empire fell to the barbarians?

Artwork by Michael Whelen

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