This is a follow up to my previous article, “Knowing That We do Not Know.”

God is a great mystery and He is unknowable, so how could we ever think that we could comprehend who God is? Our minds are limited and our reasoning faculties can only go so far. There is a threshold we must cross from our reasoning mind to the heart of faith. It is only through faith or through our heart that we can know God but, even this has limitations and, to come to the limit of faith is to stare into the Nothingness of God and it is there that we truly encounter the Most High God and we are engulfed by His Presence. It’s like seeing a shadow, we follow it but no matter how hard we try, we are unable to catch it but, as we turn the corner chasing the shadow we are hit with the blazing light of the sun and we are blinded and engulfed by its radiance. God is like this, we see His shadow, we feel His presence and, we may get a glimpse of Him in nature or in a child’s smile but, we never see Him full on because we would be blinded.

In the Old Testament we find ourselves in a garden and we hear God’s footsteps, we see His shadow, we hear His voice upon the wind and, we smell the sweet fragrance of His being but we never see Him. We chase after Him but we never catch up to Him. But, when we come to the New Testament, God comes to us. He finds us at the well. He calls to us to come and see and He lifts us up from the dust when others judge us and wish to stone us. God comes to us in our anxiety and fear and says to us, “be not afraid, I have conquered the world.” God finds us and restores our life by laying down His own life for us because we have become His friends.

To know God, to see God we must look to Jesus Christ. Jesus is the face of God on earth. Remember Moses could not look at God directly because he would have died if he did so. No human being can look at God and live but God became flesh so he could walk among His creation. Jesus is Unconditional Love made flesh and entered into history by becoming a human being so that He could show Himself to His children and bring peace and joy to their hearts. He became flesh so that we could regain our true self, our Original Nature that Adam had before he fell to the sin of pride. Jesus the manifestation of God became the Way, the Truth and the Life and the Gateway to eternal life. It is through His words and deeds, (most central His death and resurrection), as found in the gospels that we find a path back to God. 

To know that we do not know is the beginning of wisdom. To hear the Wordless Word is to hear with our hearts. To see the face of God is to look at the face of our neighbor. And, to have the Nameless Seed planted into our hearts is to have the Unconditional Love of God blossom and bring forth fruit so that we can walk the path of Jesus Christ. Finally, all of this leads to the awesome, radiant embrace of the Most High God who is beyond eternity.

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