Upon the walls of the Eternal City, the prophet shouts; “today is judgement, today is salvation.” He looks down upon the city, upon the people gathered and, he weeps. He weeps because of what he sees, a people who are indifferent. A people who sees him as a madman. He sees a people who are lost, in the darkness.

He departs from the walls, and leaves the city, walking into the desert. “What’s the point; he thinks to himself. This people have lost their souls and, no longer know who they are. They have even forgotten their past and, why should I waste my time with such people?

He walks a little further but something aches in his heart. Something that speaks to him of compassion, of an urgency to go back to the city. He stops and, out loud he says, looking up towards the sky; “I know it’s you, Lord. You are speaking to me but, why should I waste my time and endure the abuse of these people. They think I am crazy, and just an old man.” “They are lost and need you, says an inner voice, and not all reject you. Try again, even if ten listen to you, it is worth your effort. Go back for me. Go back because I love you and, you love me.” “Alright Lord, I will go back to those who don’t love you, for I love you and will obey.”

So, the prophet walked back into the city and exposed the emptiness of the souls of the people. He showed them how to open their hearts to God’s unconditional love and how that love can fulfill all they long for. And, these people killed this prophet on a beautiful Autumn day and as he breathed his last breath, ten young people bore his body away and just before he died, he looked at these ten young people, seeing men and women, he blessed them, and then, gave up his spirit.

These ten took the prophets message of God’s unconditional love and the Day of Salvation and mounted the walls of the city and began to shout to the people; “Today is the day of judgement, today is the day of salvation. Open your hearts to God’s unconditional love and free yourselves from the bondage of depravity.” Again, most of the people didn’t care but a spark was kindled among a few and these listened and, their hearts were moved. They went to their homes and pondered the message of the ten young prophets and, they remembered the old prophet who was killed and no longer thought he was a madman. Their hearts became inflamed with the Holy Spirit and twenty new prophets began to speak of God’s unconditional love and, they began to expose the wickedness and depravity of the people. And, many who had sinned against God and Heaven, the sins that cry out to God, came to the twenty and asked forgiveness. Their hearts were opened to God’s unconditional love and the Holy Spirit inflamed them and forty men and women were raised up.

Because the old prophets love for God and his obedience, and, even though he did not live to see the fruits of his labor, he planted the seeds of love, watered by the Holy Spirit and many who would be lost, found the love of God and their salvation.

May the Most High God raise prophets in our day. Come Lord Jesus.

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