As an American living in Canada, I never really gave the Queen much thought. (Remember we Americans rebelled against our rightful Sovereign.) The Queen never seemed to have a prominent place in Canadian society even though she was their Sovereign so I never thought about her beyond her image on money.  Maybe I didn’t have to think about her because I knew in the back of my mind that she was always there. But as I reflected upon the Queen on the day she died, I began to understand something deeper, something more profound in her role as a Queen, that she was a direct connection all the way back, over 1100 years to Alfred the Great the first King of Anglo-Saxon England.

All the ancient monarchies were ordained by Heaven. I’m not referring to the “Divine Right of Kings”, that was an abuse of power for corrupt purposes. What I’m referring to is the monarch ruling their lands as a representative of God. They ruled with an understanding of responsibility to God. Monarchs are human with the same flaws and weaknesses as the rest of us but a true Christian monarch knew that they reigned with the permission of God and because of this they had to rule with justice, mercy and compassion. England was Catholic at one time but Henry VIII became a rebellious son and thought he knew better than his ancestors and created his own church. Despite his rebellion, Henry was a legitimate monarch and all the Kings and Queens that followed him were legitimate monarchs ordained by Heaven.

This brings me back to Queen Elizabeth. The Queen was one of the last connections we had in this world to the greatness of Western Civilization. In this small, white haired, old woman resided all the glory and majesty of Western Civilization. A civilization that was built upon the ruins of the Western Roman Empire through the efforts of Charlemagne and Alfred the Great as well as the Byzantine Empire who laid the foundations of Christendom which eventually became our Western Civilization. There is no one now alive today who can claim a connection to this past. Queen Elizabeth was the last of her kind. She was the setting sun of the West and now darkness is upon us. I know this sounds dramatic but look at what has been happening in the world since March of 2020. Actually, all one has to do is look back to September 11, 2001 or further back to the end of World War II and they will see how much the world has changed. The Queen represented, with all her own weaknesses and flaws, all that was Right, True and Beautiful in Western Civilization. I fear that with her passing we stand at a twilight threshold and a long night faces us. As an American I failed to appreciate this great Queen and now that she is gone, I mourn her loss. I just pray to God King Charles III takes his responsibilities seriously and finds the strength and courage to stand up to the forces that are trying to tear down our Great Western Heritage.  May the Queen rest in peace.

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