I am writing this article for those Catholic men and women who are still faithful to Jesus Christ and His Magisterium. Who still pray the rosary and have a devotion to our Blessed Lady. And, who still believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. I know that these Catholic men and women are few compared to the total who claim to be Catholic. I am writing to you my Catholic brothers and sisters because what I see in our church and in the world grieves me so much. I see the destruction of everything we love in this world. If you are a loyal Catholic man or woman you know of what I am speaking of. First, the physical church centered in the Vatican is riddled with heresy and deviant behavior of the flesh. And with the Synodal meetings underway the Catholic church is on the verge of schism. The liberal, progressive Catholic Cardinals, Bishops, priests and religious have successively compromised the whole structure of the physical church. What they have done is caused confusion and chaos among the faithful members. Doubt and a loss of faith will result. These liberal progressive Catholics hold most of the key positions in the church and with the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, they have managed to place on the throne of Peter a liberal, modernist Pope whose one aim, it seems, is to transform the Roman Catholic church into an inverted church that promotes and encourages “the sins that cry out to heaven.”

We also find ourselves in a shipwrecked society. I cannot speak for other societies such as Africa or Asia but here in Canada and in my home country of the United States, the society is shipwrecked. The changes that occurred in the nineteen sixties is finally reaping their harvest. The sixties revolution was against all authority both sacred and secular. The upheavals of the second half of the nineteen sixties cause a counter-cultural revolution that was to sweep through society from the nineteen seventies to the present day. The so called “covid pandemic” actually exposed the final completion of what was started in the nineteen sixties’ and many of the “elites” behind the pandemic have been unmasked. These criminals against humanity should be put on trial and executed just as the Nazi’s from the Nuremburg Trials. I digress though. The point is Western society has been wrecked by a made up “climate emergency,” by a toxic femininity, a liberal sexuality of anything goes, a hatred for history and tradition, the destruction of the family, a hatred for life, a “human centered ideology” and the denial of the supernatural, all a product of the nineteen sixties. Many of these ex-hippies and their followers have become over the years the leaders of the West and they act like psychopath’s, implementing “abortion,” “euthanasia,” “carbon taxes,” “green energy,” “crickets,” the cessation of “cow farts,” and embargoes and sanctions against an Eastern European country that is saner and more rational in its take on Western society then they are. Because of their insane thirst for wreaking havoc, they have brought us to the brink of World War III.  

Returning to the Roman Catholic Church, we are faced with a church leadership that has bought into the insanity that is causing havoc in Western society. In fact, the destruction of Western Civilization began with the Roman Catholic church and its Council of 1963-1965. This Council stripped the church of it’s soul and it’s identity. The “spirit of Vatican II” swept through the church like a “Demon of the Black Death” and the wreckage had been devastating. Just like in society, the hippy Catholic movers, and shakers of the nineteen sixties council and their protégés are bringing the final stages of Vatican II to fruition. Leading the charge for the deconstruction of the Roman Catholic Church is a pope who appears to be an anti-pope.

We as “Faithful Sons and Daughters of the Church” find ourselves surrounded (the secular institutions and the institutional church), by forces who mean the destruction of all that we hold as Right, True and Beautiful in this world. In October of this year at the “Catholic Identity Conference” there was a call to resist Pope Francis and the New World Order.[1] Prominent Cardinals and Bishops are also calling for resistance [2] and a new Crusade of Eucharistic Reparation has been called by His Excellency Bishop Athanasius Schneider.[3] Central to this resistance is the Latin Mass and everything that it represents, the traditions and teachings of the Catholic church and nearly two thousand years of Christian civilization.[4]

How do we resist? First and foremost, we have a duty to resist any pope, bishop or priest who teaches anything that is contrary to the faith. Next, we obey Our Lady and pray the Rosary, receive the Holy Eucharist, go to confession, and keep the First Five Saturdays. If you can, promote and support the Traditional Latin Mass. If this is not an option then insist from your pastor that the Novus Ordo Mass be said in a sacred and holy manner, that chant be introduced and that the Mass be said “ad orientem.” Be a thorn in your pastor’s side. Be a squeaky wheel. Do not let up. Gather for Vespers a couple of nights per week but use the pre – 1962 Breviary. Most importantly begin study groups and re – catechise yourselves using the Baltimore Catechism or the Council of Trent Catechism. And re – institute devotions such as Devotion to the Sacred Heart, Devotion to the Five Wounds of Jesus, Devotion to the Precious Blood, Devotion to Divine Mercy, Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Stations of the Cross, and insist on having Eucharistic Adoration. (For more information on how to be Catholic visit the website; “Fish Eaters”[5].)

It will take great effort, courage, and perseverance to resist because the opposition will be great. There is a war and there are two fronts, the secular and the spiritual but these tactics that I suggest will be of great use to both, because when you come down to it, this is a Cosmic War that involves us humans, the angels, and the demons. It is universal. Reclaim our heritage and resist this destructive force that wants to destroy all we love.

“Let us rise up now and fight for our lives, for today is not like yesterday and the day before.” 1 Maccabees 9:44

[1] Catholic Identity Conference opens with call to ‘resist’ Pope Francis and the ‘New World Order’ https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/catholic-identity-conference-opens-with-call-to-resist-pope-francis-and-the-new-world-order/

[2] SINod on SINodality: Prominent Bishops Resist Great Reset of Catholic Church


[3] https://onepeterfive.com/rite-investment-crusader-cross/

[4] Mass of the Ages: https://latinmass.com/ and “The Once and Future Roman Rite: Returning to the Traditional Latin Liturgy after Seventy Years of Exile” (TAN Books, 2022) by Peter Kwasniewski; see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Tdt4KawV00


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