No man is an island, so the poem goes, but I feel like an island

surrounded by a sea of craziness. In my solitude, I at times feel

as though I am losing my mind. The past is unsure and memory

seems to fail and the young men and women have no clue of

what I am talking about.


The young have forgotten the past, they only look forward but

the world they are building does not rest on any firm foundation

and in the end, their world will topple and their souls will be

empty an they will stand in wonder, with eyes wide open and

upon their lips will be the word, why?


A future without a past will only fail in desperation and sadness.

Without a past, no one can move forward with hope for a better

world. Without a knowledge of God, there cannot be any hope.

Without the past, God will remain unknown. Without God, the

soul is desolate and this will cause a thirst and hunger that can

be satisfied only by God.


The past holds the key to the future and the future cannot

materialize without the past. Only the fool forgets their past and

only the fool is the one who destroys what their father’s built

before them. I remember the past but the world of today try’s

with all its might to make me forget. I would rather live in solitude

than conform to this new world. I would rather be an island,

retaining the knowledge of the past, surrounded by a sea of

ignorance than join the robots who have forgotten who they are

and where they came from.


In the end, I may die alone but at least I will die knowing who

I am and where I came from. But in reality, will I be alone? No!

for God will be with me and all my ancestors who came before

me and it will be they who welcome me as I pass from this world

into the next.

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