This morning I was contemplating the situation of the Traditional Catholic in the current climate of Pope Francis and the Vatican hierarchy. It is no secret that Pope Francis despises anything the hints at being traditional and refers to us in terms or insinuations as “rigid”, “backwards”, “antiquarian”, “nonprogressive” and even as “terrorists” whose aim is to undermine Vatican II and his policies.

With this in mind I was reflecting upon what modern analogy I could use that would fit the situation we find ourselves in. The situation we find ourselves in is very dire and the one modern example I find analogous is the Star Wars saga created by George Lucas and specifically the demise of the Jedi Order by Palpatine and his Order 66. The Jedi warrior monks were the upholder of peace in the Galactic Republic and stood in the way of any threat that would disrupt that peace. Over the decades the Jedi order had become prideful and over confident and arrogant and so left themselves open to corruption. Any Jedi who adhered to the traditional Jedi way, like Qui-Gon Jinn, were ostracized, disliked and ignored. In order for Palpatine, who is secretly a Sith Lord, a wielder of the “Dark Force”, to institute his evil plans, the first thing he had to do was to remove the Jedi Order. The way Palpatine did this was to infiltrate the order by corrupting, from his youth, one of its strongest Knights. In time this corrupted Jedi helped him carry out his Order 66 to kill every Jedi and hunt down any remaining knights who managed to escape. The Jedi had to go into hiding and find ways to blend into society and disappear. Some maintained their Jedi training and teachings and joined resistance groups but curtailed their Jedi powers so as to not draw attention to themselves. Others lost the faith and gave up hope and discarded the way of the Jedi and became criminals or lackies of the Galactic Empire.

We Traditional Catholics are finding ourselves in a similar situation as the Jedi. The Roman Catholic church has for centuries, (since the Resurrection of Christ), been the one force holding back the dark forces of Satan from overcoming the world but in the 20th century this mighty church became ripe with all kinds of heresies and corruption. The Catholic Church became over confident and arrogant and opened itself to perversion and eventually was infiltrated by secular socialist ideals. Anything from before 1965 and the Second Vatican Council has been deemed to “traditional” and invalid. The Vatican Hierarchy under Pope Francis has issued its own Order 66 through the motu proprio Traditionis Custodes restricting the Traditional Latin Mass and any sacraments associated with it. There is a hunt (symbolic at the moment) for any Catholic who adheres to traditional Catholicism and they are “ostracized, disliked and ignored” and sometimes even violently, at any parish meeting or gathering. Faithful Traditional Catholics are being forced to go underground. They have been classified as dangerous and as terrorist by the FBI and this has been supported by Pope Francis who himself refers to Traditional Catholics as terrorist. Now in our day the Vatican has sided with the secular world institutions and has joined the emerging “evil empire”.

What does a Traditional Catholic Jedi do? Keep adhering to the truth as proclaimed in the Gospels by Jesus Christ and the Apostles. Uphold the teachings of the Church Fathers and the Saints. Retain the traditions as passed down to us from earlier generations. Keep attending the Traditional Latin Mass or a Traditional Catholic Byzantine Liturgy. If these become unavailable then we go underground, form sanctuaries, form small communities were we celebrate a spiritual communion using the Breviary, which is a liturgical prayer if we find ourselves without a priest to celebrate the Eucharist, and keep the faith alive until the coming of the “Righteous King and the Angelic Pope” or until the Coming of the Great King, Our Lord Jesus Christ. And, if we are hunted down and killed in the meantime, well, we will receive the martyrs crown and we will not have to worry about this world anymore.

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